Lupinus Nails, an Excellent Nail Salon in Vancouver

The Lupinus Nails team makes every effort to understand your needs and provide services that meet your expectations. Using effective beauty techniques and finding innovative products besides friendly interaction with customers made a great ambiance to retain our loyal customers. Our nail care and beauty services are tailored to your standards. Being courteous, realistic, professional, and transparent about what we can do for customers made Lupinus Nails one of the best nail salons in Vancouver. We love what we do just come to see a difference.

What to Expect From the Best Nail Salon in Vancouver

Creative Nail Designs

Lupinus Nails Salon has something for everyone! Whether you love fancy, funny, or casual nail designs, we provide the art.

High-quality Services

Our knowledgeable nail techs use the best products. They pay attention to details and how you feel about services.

Clean Environment

We care about the sanitary environment, clean equipment and tools, and wearing gloves for technicians during a service.

Competitive Pricing

Lupinus Nails knows the importance of time and money. We offer extensive nail services that suit your pocket.

The Highest Standards for Nail Services in Vancouver

Lupinus Nails Salon considers a guideline for nail design, treatment, and therapy services to keep standards high in correspondence with customers' expectations. It is where you can get next-level nail services that are safe and fashionable. Considering details made us a luxury and one of the best nail salons in Vancouver. Our guideline includes:
❇️Hygiene and disinfecting procedure to be followed in the workplace
❇️Nail technicians and customers' health conditions
❇️Staffs' attitude
❇️Step by step techniques for each service
❇️Free consultation for before and after care
❇️Single-use disposable tools for which are not cleanable
❇️Safe and high-quality products and their instructions

Share the Pleasure of the High-quality Experience You Had through Lupinus Nails Gift Cards

Wondering how to tell people you care about them? Give them the gift of beauty and treatment. Bring joy to someone you care about with excellent nail care and nail design services. Provide them with the opportunity to have the quality experience you had and let them customize their favourite services. Purchase online gift cards at Lupinus Nails; It is a perfect gift for any occasion, whether you are celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or a special event.

Trust Lupinus Nails and Your Nails Get Compliments

Hundreds of Colours

Experienced Professionals

New Nail Techniques

Seasonal Nail Ideas

Must-not-miss Nail Trends for 2023

Fashion isn't only about clothes. Nail art is a significant deal in the fashion industry, as we've seen on some of the world's largest runways, so the proper nail design may even be your perfect accessory.
But when it comes to picking a new colour or shape, we're never sure. Fortunately, there are several ways to be inspired by this year's most fashionable nail trends. Nails may help to balance, enhance, and completion to a look. The length and shape of your nails may reveal a lot about you. That is why you may think of being on-trend and what will be popular next month to stay ahead of nail trends.

How to stay ahead of nail trends?
A photo-sharing application and social network platforms like Instagram or visual content websites like Pinterest are perhaps the best ways to get informed about trends and fashions, which may be a challenge!
Since searching for what you want takes lots of time and each season's trends seem to be taking a different route, it is best to count on the nail technicians of Lupinus Nails Salon for trendy nail art and styles. They will paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish your nails perfectly.

Our Happiness is Having Your Nails Done

Smart people choose quality, which is why Lupinus Nails measures the quality of knowledge and performance through reliability and loyalty. For some who care about their nails' health and appearance, we offer a collection of services that go beyond simple manicures and pedicures. Choose among premade packages or select your desired nail services from the online form, make a reservation, and sit on our comfortable chairs for complete relaxation. We style and shape your nails, keep your nails strong and healthy, and treat any related issues if necessary. At Lupinus Nails Salon, we give you professional-level services and regular nail care to make you happy with great-looking nails.