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Your wedding day is coming, and all eyes will be on your hands. Several demands to see your new wedding ring make your hands and your nails get seriously in the spotlight. Your nails are going to be the center of attention in all the photos your photographer takes of your wedding ring and cake cutting moment.
It is why having beautiful and healthy nails doubles the beauty of your hands on the wedding day. Remember that as a bride, the sooner you start taking care of your nails, the better your chances of having great nails on your big day. Doing a trial run is a practical option. If you want to do your wedding nails in Vancouver and at Lupinus Nails Salon, we suggest having your nails done completely at least once before the big day; your bachelorette party is a good occasion for that purpose.
Now that you've decided to get your nails done for the wedding, you might feel like you need some help with nail design. You want your nails to match your makeup and skin tone. You may also have doubts about the shape of the nails or the materials used.
Many brides get confused and don't know whether they should opt for a subtle or bold manicure. You may have difficulties choosing between different kinds of manicures. The common types of manicures are regular polish, dip powder nails, gel manicures, and acrylic nails.
It's always a bummer to expect one thing and receive another. It is what you can trust with it at Lupinus Nails Salon.
Wedding nail trends change surprisingly often! A few years ago, pearly-white nails were the only type of nails to have on your wedding day, but now we're seeing a lot of cool, unique trends to choose from, whether you are a fan of simple nails or luxury nails.
You may go all out with an abstract design or keep it on the subtle side by keeping the sparkle to your ring fingers. Add a 3D look to your nails that perfectly capture the light to make them more beautiful.
You can test out a few different shades and nail services in the weeks before your wedding. If you need inspiration for the most popular wedding nail designs, explore the Nails Blaze website, a specialized nail art platform. We also gathered some of the wedding nail trends and manicure ideas here.

Bridal Nail Trends in Vancouver for 2022

Romantic, Creamy White
Patterned Neutrals
Neutral Ombré
Soft Dove Gray
Petite Hearts
A Metallic Mani
Trendy Taupe
Autumnal Orange
Classic Wedding White
Bridal Blush
Bold Black
Dainty Designs
Edgy Embellishments
Naked Nails
A Chevron Design
Gold-Foil Detailing
A Fresh French
Stunning Silver
Romantic Red
Pretty in Pink

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It's easy and convenient to book an appointment for nail services and design and have the best nails you've ever had. It's only a click away.

The Shape of Wedding Nails

Most brides love the idea of lengths and nail styles that are okay on a typical day. Get a length you're comfortable with to prevent nail issues on the big day. However, consider the ring, dress, and theme colour for the wedding. Short nails with square tips or almond-shaped medium-length nails are the best for the day. If you're unsure which nail shape is best for your hand, it may help to look at the length of your fingers and palm. It might point you in the right direction faster than comparing every nail shape. Our nail experts help you with the best nail shape for your wedding day.

Cost of Wedding Nail Designs

Wedding nails price may start at $15 for a basic manicure or pedicure. But the final price depends on the wedding nail package that you choose. It may include nail design and art, add-ons, and treatments.
Your wedding nails are worth it because the memory of being in a nice place with excellent services for the big day and leaving with lovely nails lasts for your life. Also, the quality of your nail extension is high enough to last at least a month without chipping.

Wedding Manicures in Vancouver

Gel Manicures for Wedding
Acrylic Manicures for Wedding
Dip Powder Manicures for Wedding

Wedding Pedicures in Vancouver

Gel Pedicures for Wedding
Acrylic Pedicures for Wedding
Dip Powder Pedicures for Wedding

Nail Colours for Wedding

If you are looking for the best nail colour for your engagement ring or wedding day, there are multiple choices here at Lupinus Nails Salon.
Brides who want the classic bridal look can pick nude nails or white nail polish shades with fantastic nail art for the wedding. You can also go for the timeless French manicure look, which you never go wrong with! Brides who want a bold wedding manicure choose shades of pink or red nail colours. Another nail colour that fashion-forward brides love is Tiffany blue - it adds a pop of colour, yet it's not too flashy.
Among popular wedding nail colours are white, blue, pink, red, black, burgundy, nude, purple, ivory, rose gold, and gold.
Need to see all the nail polish colours that can work for your wedding day? You are always welcome at Lupinus Nails Salon in Vancouver.

Simple Wedding Nails

Bridesmaid Nails

Short Wedding Nails

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