Pedicure in Vancouver

Want 10 perfect-looking toes? Do you know what is pedicure and why is it a necessity? The reason why pedicure is being done in the first place is the primary care for your toes. It is the path through which you will be able to keep your toes healthier, cleaner, and more attractive. The Lupinus Nails team offers every type of pedicure in Vancouver. We will leave your feet looking beautiful and feeling baby-soft. You also get a foot massage! The nail technician massages your toes, trims your toenails, moisturizes your skin, and helps you rest your feet during the whole procedure. Not to mention that cutting your toenails shouldn't be done necessarily by your nail technician; however, they can do it in the best way to shape your toenails in an attractive manner.
Nowadays, people are increasingly interested in taking good care of their toes, so pedicure services have become popular. It is impossible to count every single reason why pedicure is a must; however, stay with us to introduce services from simple to luxury pedicure in Vancouver on the Lupinus Nails website and whatever you can expect for your appointment.

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Types of Pedicures in Vancouver for Healthy and Beautiful Feet

Classic Pedicure

Classical pedicure is a foot care procedure through which your toes will be nurtured. Doing it on a regular basis will enhance the beauty of your toes and their health at the same time. As a recommendation, you’d better have a pedicure every one or two months.

Classical Gel Pedicure

The procedure is almost the same as a classical pedicure with an additional final step. This pedicure treatment is done with the application of gel polish and any method of add-ons if you will. As another recommendation, gel pedicures are the best since your nail will look more fabulous.

Signature Pedicure

To begin the treatment, your feet first will be soaked in warm water. Then, it is time for nail and cuticle treatment. After that, the pedicurist will revive your feet and toes, employing a lotion massage using warm towels. Finally, the nail technician applies the polish of choice to make your feet look glorious.

Signature Gel Pedicure

All the procedures mentioned in the signature pedicure shall be included in this treatment as well. However, the final step is different a little bit. The pedicurist will design your toenails with gel and then make them look classy, applying the polish of choice to be more desirable and close to your taste.

Solar Pedicure

It is a kind of conditioning treatment in which materials and procedures all together penetrate nails, cuticles, and feet to make them healthier and softer. The pedicurist soaks your feet in warm water and removes the cuticles. Finally, your nails will be more attractive applying the polish of your taste.

Solar Gel Pedicure

Besides all the already-mentioned procedures for a solar pedicure, the final step shall be more complex. A gel design will embellish your nail that catches every human eye. Gel designs are one of the definitions for the saying "two birds with one stone"; they make your toenails harder and more beautiful.

Natural Deluxe Pedicure

First herbal foot soak helps your feet relax and moisturize. Then, the pedicurist shall do the dead-skin removal, which will enhance the appearance and texture of your skin. After some cream-herbal treatment and extra massages, the procedure is completed by self-selected polish.

Deluxe Gel Pedicure

The difference between this treatment and the previous one is that all herbal procedures are eliminated, and it is less organic than a natural deluxe pedicure. Plus, the pedicurist will apply a gel design to your toenails instead of just polishing your nails after the treatment is done.

Natural Deluxe Gel Pedicure

Just like all the procedures mentioned for a natural deluxe pedicure, your feet will receive an organic treatment that will refresh both the skin and the toes. The only difference is that the nail technician will design your nails with gel and polish instead of applying polish. Remember that gel pedicures are something else!

Deluxe Pedicure + Paraffin

After a relaxing foot soak, your skin will be exfoliated and smooth using a foot scrub. Toenails will be cut and filed; cuticles will be tidied. You will be provided with the option of a warm paraffin wax treatment or a mask treatment and a nail polish of choice as the final step.

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac pedicure is a combination of the ease of a nail polish application with the durability of gel nails. Regular nail polish takes a long time to dry, and gel may cause damage if removed incorrectly. Shellac is, in fact, a brand name for the product, not a type of pedicure. It can be applied to your natural nails just like nail polish.

Looking for the Best Salon for Pedicure in Downtown Vancouver?

Infuse this season's trendiest nail art and designs in Vancouver, whether you're seeking the best nails for an occasion like a wedding or a casual nails, or you are looking for luxury nails elaborate with a unique design or prefer simplicity. Book online for different types of pedicure services.

Cost of a Pedicure in Vancouver

Pedicures Price List

The cost of pedicure services is controversial. Nonetheless, whether you are searching for an expensive or cheap pedicure in Vancouver, Lupinus Nails hopes to provide its nail services at a fair price. Lupinus Nails team tries to give you a comfortable environment to relax, while our team will bring you the best sets of toe treatments and designs in the area.

Pedicure Designs

Take your pedicure up a notch, and let us make it into something as unique and special as you are. Pedicure designs help your feet look their best and can be done in many different ways. There are many kinds of pedicure designs, and they can be simple or complex, depending on what you want. Embellishments are great for more dramatic looks, but if they don't match your outfit well, they can look out of place. Choose something that fits well with whatever colour scheme or style you're going for!
Colour is the most basic option. You can choose a colour that goes with the rest of your outfit, or that will draw attention to your feet or be proper for the season or occasion. Your options may be metallic or glittery colours or even matte ones if you prefer something more subdued than glitter or shimmery shades. When choosing the type of paint, remember that it should work best with your skin tone and hair colour so as not to clash with either one!
After all, the most popular pedicure designs tend to be the ones that are simple and elegant. But the best way to find a good pedicure design is to start by thinking about what kind of style fits you best. Do you like classic or modern? Trendy or timeless? If you're still not sure, we are ready to help you.

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The Best Pedicurists and Nail Technicians in Vancouver

As you deserve to walk out of a nail salon with freshly painted nails, not an injury or infection, you can trust Lupinus Nails technicians with toenail care and beauty services in Vancouver. Toes matter as much as nails, and their beauties are essential in the same way; many people make an appointment for both manicures and pedicures. However, taking care of toes is more demanding since, most of the time, while you are at work or even out for an evening workout, your feet and toes are compressed in the shoes. Therefore, the amount of dead skin may increase and damage your feet' appearance.
A professional pedicurist and nail technician should know how to take care of your feet and adequately design them. The best nail technicians in Vancouver are here as a team to welcome and do their best to ornate your toes and help you to keep them healthier. Our experienced mobile pedicurists and nail technicians are also the best in their job. To make a long story short, if you are looking for licensed manicurists and pedicurists who have expertise in this field, come and visit us.

Steps to a Perfect Pedicure in Vancouver

1. Washing and drying feet with a towel and removing all nail polish from the nail plate
2. Shaping the natural nail
3. Cuticle care techniques
4. Smoothing the natural nail surface, using a nail file or a nail buffer to polish the entire surface of the nail
5. Nail treatment using oil and buff
6. Exfoliating
7. Final pedicure clean and polish

Luxury Additions to the Pedicure Treatment

For an extra cost, you may add luxury enhancements to your standard pedicure treatments. These additions help the health of the skin and nails and increase relaxation and stress relief. Among them is paraffin wax, a natural moisturizer that leaves the skin smooth and supple. Another treatment is heated booties to increase penetration of nourishing skin masks leading to softer, smoother skin and nails. Massage is another service that can escalate your experience.

The 10 Biggest Pedicure Trends to Expect in Vancouver for 2022

Pedicure with Warm Sand Colours for 2022

Maybe it's time to put your baby pink collection away. In 2022, sand tones will be more popular than the conventional pale pink-based neutral. Book a pedicure appointment on the Lupinus Nails website and let our professional nail technicians make your toenails look classy.

Pedicure with Pastel Colour for 2022

A faint, dusty purple will have the same soft sensations as pastel pink but with a more contemporary sense when it appears overblown rather than beautiful. It is a gorgeous lavender tone that seems like it was pulled off a bouquet and placed delicately on your fingertips. Pastel colour is what your new appearance will go well with.

Pedicure with Coral Colour for 2022

Any review of colour trends will be worthless without the colour of the year. Butter London has created the official nail polishes for the pinkish-orange celebrity colour. It gives coral dazzling golden flecks, but don't worry if you don't like glitter: strong, non-glittery corals look great on toes.

Neon Green Colouring Pedicure for 2022

Of course, neon has a summertime feel for pedicure trends in 2022, but it may also lighten up dark winter days. In recent years, neon green has been employed as a unique accent hue for typically subtle colours in fashion. It can also serve the same purpose as nail polish, so there's no need to go full-on translucent from top to bottom.

Watermelon Coloured Pedicure for 2022

A pure red will still look fantastic on toes, but a calmer, more muted red is unquestionably lovely in pedicure 2022. Brick red can be extremely dark or a light rusty red. Imagine how much you'll like seeing it when you take off your sneakers at the end of the day, even if you only do it in the winter.

Pedicure with European Style 2022

When doing an unhedged pedicure, pedicurists draw the cuticle back with a wooden stick after softening it using a special cream that has become popular for pedicure ideas 2022. There's also a dry pedicure that doesn't require boiling your feet: gritty particles are toughened with specific chemicals before being dissolved in layers.

Classical Pedicure for 2022

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the most basic pedicures done in nail salons in Vancouver. First, your feet shall be soaked with warm water and maybe some bubbles. Then, employing pumice stone and unique blades, the pedicurist will massage your feet and remove the dead parts. The nail technician cuts the cuticles using a tweezer or scissors.

Refreshed French Pedicure for 2022

The French pedicure has had a strange rebirth in recent years, but innovation in the sector is on the rise, and it has become the most requested element for pedicure design in 2022. According to stylists, it may appear by mixing finer tones, such as Bordeaux and jade, instead of the typical white tip.

SPA Pedicure 2022

This pedicure for 2022 will not only help you manage your feet but will also make you feel lighter and more enjoyable. The treatment includes foot massage, glycerin therapy, corn procedure, scrubbing, moisturizers, and oils. This treatment moisturizes the skin of the feet thoroughly and for an extended period.

All Men Can Get Pedicure in Vancouver

Pedicures and manicures are not some gender-based services. Any masculine, feminine, neuter, and common who cares about their finger and toenails can make a mani and pedi appointment in Vancouver. Our expert nail technicians here at Lupinus Nails are waiting to hold a party for your hands and feet. Ladies will be thrilled if their feet shine while they put on their high hills. On the other hand, men are also big fans of pedicure treatment. Nowadays, a basic pedicure generally comprises a foot bath, exfoliation, nail trimming, and buffing. While most guys are content with a brief buff-out at the end, a significant proportion of high-flying clientele additionally wants a reflexology massage as an added measure of relaxation following their pedicure. You may check our fabulous kid manicure and pedicure packages for your beloved children.

How to Prepare Nails before a Pedicure

The very first step is to find the best nail salon for your pedicure treatment; since it takes four times longer than a manicure, you must ensure your comfort for the upcoming hours. Then, try to make sure the pedicurist would sanitize the foot bath for each client.
It is vital to find a nail care technician who is also a reflexologist; since their treatments improve circulation, reduce stress, relieve aches and pains (particularly tendonitis), improve mood, reduce swelling, and make falling asleep easier.
You'd better wait for seven or eight hours after a pedicure to wear socks and shoes; thus, bring appropriate footwear for the afterparty. Following the mentioned procedure, you will enjoy the treatment you buy for your feet.

Taking Care of Nails after a Pedicure

After you've had your pedicure treatment at a professional nail salon, avoid wearing any tight-fitting footwear. Wear open-toed shoes if possible. When cutting your toenails, avoid cutting them too short or along the sides. They will expand inwards as a result.
To keep your toes clean, change your socks as often as possible, whether you're indoors or outside. Cotton socks are highly recommended. After bathing or showering, make sure your feet are completely dry. After you've completed bathing, don't forget to apply some foot cream. This will keep your toes and feet moisturized and hydrated. Keep your cuticles moist by massaging them with cuticle cream or oil on your toes. If possible, use an acetone-free nail varnish remover, which is less damaging to the nail.

Relaxing Mood

The salon environment is the best it can be. Scented candles and the playlist made the whole procedure pleasant.

Personalized Services

Excellent customer service. Personalized experience at all stages.

Professional Team

The cosmetic treatments of my feet were done by professionals here.

Using Disposable Gloves

It was better than my expectation, and nail techs wearing gloves for pedicures is what I was happy to see.

Common Questions about Pedicures in Vancouver

To remove the weary old polish you have had, a nail technician may use Acetone. The other instrument is the Emery Board to file nails properly. Cuticle remover to soften the cuticles is chemical and foot scrub. Oiling and polishing are the last stages.
While getting a pedicure, you get a relaxing massage of your feet. The massaging will help blood circulation. Improved blood circulation will prevent pain, arthritis, and varicose veins.
Usually, corns and calluses can get better by themselves with proper care, but a nail technician may help comfort the clients' pain and suffering.
By removing the dry hard skin of your feet, a pedicurist can help soften your skin and cuticle areas. This procedure will happen in two ways: dry or wet pedicures.
Every 4 to 6 weeks should be scheduled to have healthy feet.
Never polish or paint discoloured nails. Never share the emery boards. There is no need to shave your legs before. Don't forcefully round toes when clipping them. Don't cut the cuticles
A simple pedicure may include services like foot soaking, foot scrubbing, nail clipping, nail shaping, foot and leg massage, moisturizer and nail polishing.
A proper pedicure will last for several weeks to one month.
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