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Nail extensions, also known as enhancements, artificial nails, fake nails, and false nails, are fashion items quite popular and widely utilized worldwide. With their shield-like covering, extensions provide a protective cover and fix your broken and damaged nails.
If you don't have strong nails, your dream about long nails can become true! We are providing you with every type of nail extension in Vancouver. Extensions will give you the desired length you want to have. Your party outfit will be complete because you have various colours and patterns to get the look you want. Just choose among several packages from Lupinus Nails.

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Types of Nail Extensions

There are various types of extensions, but they are not limited to simply extending the length of your nail. Some of them can simply match the natural nail length and make it look better.
Regardless of which kinds of extensions are chosen, keeping them in good condition is critical. Some artificial nails must be refilled, while others must be replaced. Following a routine can help the nails not only look great but also prevent damage.

Simply put, acrylics are a mixture of powder and liquid monomer that is combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and air-dried. They are ideal for people who want to change the shape of their nails or add length to them.

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure uses a gel-based polish and a UV or LED light to cure and lock the polish onto your nails. And, unlike regular polish, which can chip in two to three days, gel polish stays chip-free for weeks.

Fibre Glass Nails

Fibre gel is a UV-cured gel that contains fibreglass blended into it. The fibre is strong, and it can be used on fills and full sets. It is considered a self-levelling product. When cured, the fibreglass becomes locked together to form a strength blanket.

Silk Nails

In this type of extension, nails that have been wrapped in silk are used to create a beautiful effect. The design, which is typically applied to shorter nails, is popular not only for its beauty but also for minimal damage to natural nails.


BIAB is an abbreviation for 'builder in a bottle,' and it is also known as 'builder gels.' You can achieve the same look, hardness, and strength as acrylic or SNS nails with builder gel without damaging the natural nail underneath.

Dip Powder Nails

The dip powder is a technique for an extension that involves brushing the dip powder onto the nails or dipping them into coloured powder, then using a clear sealant on top. Dip powders are long-last and can remain chip-free for a month.

Gel Pedicure

Like a gel manicure, a gel pedicure process includes nail shaping, cuticle care, and putting a coat of coloured gel that is similar to nail polish. A gel pedi lasts longer than a regular pedicure and gives your toenails a beautiful look.

Nail Extension Designs

Nail extension designs are a great way to add length and volume to your nails. They can be used as an accent, or they can be the focus of your manicure. Whether you are looking for something classic and elegant, or something more edgy and modern, there is no shortage of ideas for nail extension designs. Extensions aim to reduce the possibility of breaking or chipping nails and give them a beautiful look with various designs. They can also be used to create unique designs and patterns on your nails that you could never achieve with natural nails alone.
Whether you're looking for a bold, bright hue or a subtle ombre effect, there are plenty of options, from the classic French manicure to more elaborate designs like leopard print. You can even have a unique look by combining two or three different techniques or applying various things with nail extensions, including a glitter design, neon-effect nails, and metallic-themed nails.
There are many different types of nail extensions to choose from. Some people prefer natural-looking extensions that look like natural nail tips, while others prefer bold designs that stand out against their skin tone. It is important to pick one that is best for your personal style!

Looking for the Best Salon for Nail Extension in Downtown Vancouver?

Infuse this season's trendiest nail art and designs in Vancouver, whether you're seeking the best nails for an occasion like a wedding or a casual nail design, or you are looking for luxury nails elaborate with a unique design or prefer simplicity. Book online for different types of nail extension services.

Cost of a Nail Extension in Vancouver

Nail Extension Price List

You want to look in your best style. However, self-care may be costly. When it comes to nail services, quality over quantity is preferable. You can ensure the longevity of your extension by investing in a tried-and-true nail extension in Vancouver. What this means is fewer trips to the salon and more money in your pocket.
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Meet Our Fully Qualified Nail Extension Technicians

Lupinus Nails Salon is an ideal location to go if you are looking for intricate designs and want to choose between nail extension ideas. To ensure a great looking after leaving the salon, our specialists give you nail extension aftercare advice. They are known for their particular attention to detail. The experts offer extra nail treatments, which include oil therapy and moisturizing nourishment. You will leave feeling revitalized and nurtured, eager to return for more.

What Are Gel Nail Extensions?

Gel nail extensions are created in three steps, which include brushing a base coat, nail polish, and topcoat over your natural nails. After each coat, the nail is exposed to a UV or LED light for 30 seconds to two minutes to cure (dry). The layer of gel polish hardens and does not smudge like regular polish once it has been cured. The result is having nails with a glossy finish and a freshly manicured appearance. The polish can be used on natural as well as on nail extensions, also known as nail tips. 

The Biggest Nail Extension Trends to Expect in Vancouver for 2022

Metallic French Nails
Geometric Nail Art
Glitter Nails
Zigzag Nails
Minimal Nails
Jewel Nails
Galaxy Nails
Neon Nails
Acrylic Nails
Gingham Nails
Nude Nails
Pearl Nails

How to Prepare Nails before Extensions

✓ Use cuticle oil in your aftercare routine.
✓ Use a proper polish remover to clean your nails.
✓ Clip, file, and buff your nails.
✓ Pull your cuticles back.
✓ Exfoliate and scrub your hands.
✓ Apply moisturizer to your hands and cuticles.

Taking Care of Nails after Extensions

✓ Avoid excessive hydration after you leave the salon.
✓ Don't forget to moisturize more and more!
✓ Allow for regrowth by taking manicure breaks.
✓ Carefully remove your nails and polish them.
✓ When you have bare nails, always check for nail lifting.
✓ Use cuticle oil in your aftercare routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nail Extension

Gel extensions are considered the best type of nail extension. They look natural and comfortable and can remove easily without causing damage to your nails.
As gel extensions are more flexible, look natural, and have the least smell among other acrylic-based nails, they are more expensive.
Dip powders and acrylics last longer in comparison with gel nails. Depending on your nails, and if done by a professional nail technician, you can keep them for three weeks or maybe a month.
There is no problem to have extensions during pregnancy, of course, with proper air conditioning because acrylic nails give off fumes as they are being applied, so you may feel nauseous if you are exposed to a lot of these fumes.
Usually, they can be removed by soaking in pure acetone.
Acrylics are harder, which means they are less flexible. Acrylic nails are more difficult to remove by soaking in acetone and buffing off.

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