Nail Design and Art in Vancouver

You may be fascinated with one of the best celebrity nail art inspirations or some nail designs on Pinterest, YouTube, or Instagram, but all of them are not easy that much to recreate at home. It is where Lupinus Nails Salon's experts come with excellent nail design ideas and techniques from simple to complex or luxury and help you through professional work to have a stunning look.
Collaborate with our nail pro on an idea that speaks to your personality, mood, inspiration, and energy. In the world of colourful nail arts, discover yours. If you want to get familiar with nails of the day, they can help you know nail design trends and try fashionable nail looks. Find your style or the one suitable for the season, occasion, or holiday.
We all love incredible nail art designs. So, whether you like to have nail designs on your natural nails or complete your specific nail services such as simple manicures and pedicures or nail extensions like gel nails and acrylic nails with an outstanding nail design, we are ready to help. Our nail technicians paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish your nails. There would be no hard work and struggle for nail design and art in Vancouver.

Types of Nail Designs and Arts in Vancouver

When minimalism seems to be a norm these days, you will be pretty flashy. A glitter is an option that almost every girl has tried once in a lifetime. These super-shiny and sparkly designs can come with your desired nail shape and pattern to make a statement. This summer, your glitter nails make you ostentatiously attractive.
Glitter Nails
When minimalism seems to be a norm these days
The use of Canadian cultural elements in nail designs is more than trends. Some people decide to have nail design elements with cultural meanings, especially for occasions and events. Elements such as maple leaf, bear, moose, and modern or historical architecture like lighthouses or parliament buildings are popular.
Canada Nail Designs
The use of Canadian cultural elements in nail designs is...
Summer is on the horizon, a great season to plan your nail manicures. It has something for every taste, from rainbow gradients and beach nails to neons. These tiny pieces of art could be bright and happy. Whether you are interested in having your summer nail art at your natural nails or gel nails, they will be great.
Summer Nail Designs
Summer is on the horizon, a great season to plan...
Geometric nails are modern designs that never go out of style. Whether you choose abstract art, minimalist design, nude graphic faces, or Bohemian line art ideas with complex or simple design, they all have one feature: Geometric nails are attractive from every angle. Matte or glossy, they are perfect for your day and night looks.
Geometric Nails
Geometric nails are modern designs that never go out of style...
The branded nail art design includes luxury brand names in a nail design. It can come with glitter colour combos or nail charms to make your nails look fancier. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Victoria's Secret, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Ferrari are among popular branded nails.
Branded Nail Art Design
The branded nail art design includes luxury brand names in...
Stone nails scream elegance and can come with bling and glitters. They often don't apply as classic designs & are good for individual or mismatched nails. Stones also can be applied to some minimalist nail ideas with matched designs. Whether you want Swarovski crystals or rhinestones, they will look super feminine.
Stone Nails
Stone nails scream elegance and can come with bling and glitters...
Minimalist nail art is the one suitable for both long and short nails. This modern nail art has a specific feature: it perfectly comes with a classic nail design. Being simple and classy made it a trend. Also, it is a good choice if you prefer mismatched nails. As a bride who is not a fan of glitter, pick your minimalist design.
Minimalist Nail Art
Minimalist nail art is the one suitable for both long and...
French nails are the classic versions of the old-made-new-again nail designs. Besides this traditional design, there are other types of French nails like side tip, double, reverse, two-tone, and outline. The diversity made French nails a four-season option. Pick your favourite one plus the colour scheme, and our manicurists will do their best.
French Nail Art Designs
French nails are the classic versions of the old-made-new-again...
The sparkle and brightness of stars always attracted people's attention. But using stars is not limited to glitter. As they are still popular, they come in various shapes and colours to make a difference. Sometimes the sun and the moon complement this art. You can have a simple or complex design for your star nails.
Star Nails
The sparkle and brightness of stars always attracted people's ...
Animal print nail designs' beauty is partly related to the shape of your nails. It is better to have it done by a professional. Go wild with leopard or cheetah, which are popular animal print designs. Using the colours that animals naturally have is not a must; creativity can make a difference even with pastel or neon colours.
Animal print nail designs' beauty is partly related to the...

Nail Design Reservation in Vancouver

It's easy and convenient to book an appointment for nail services and design and have the best nails you've ever had. It's only a click away.

Nail Designs and Art in Vancouver Based on Shapes

Round-shaped Nails

For ladies who wish to elongate their fingers, round nails are ideal. It is easy to maintain at home. Round nail has a classic look, but you can add a traditional or modern design like minimalist, multicolour, holographic, glitter, nude, line art, transparent, matte, marble, and French to make your nails appear their best.

Square-shaped Nails

A square-shaped nail is an excellent choice if you do so much work with your hands. It follows the natural width of your nail, so the risk of breaking is low, and your manicure lasts longer. This shape's beauty will reach the most for some with long fingers and wide nail beds. It comes perfectly good with short dark nails.

Rounded Square-shaped Nails

This version of square nails is a tremendous low-maintenance shape for growing your nails. The rounded-off form may appeal to you if the angular counterpart doesn't come to your attention. As the sides are rounded, they don't snag. This shape of nails is a great form to wear nude, neutral, and short manicures.

Oval-shaped Nails

This classic shape makes your nails elegant and looks great in all lengths. But it's favoured amongst those with medium-length nails and narrow nail beds also who have shorter fingers and want their nails to look longer. Compared with other shapes, this is more likely to break at the tips as it has less side support.

Squoval-shaped Nails

Squoval-shaped nail or soft square combines square nails with stylish lengths of oval nails. This classic shape makes the perfect canvas for almost any design as it has an uncomplicated shape and size. It is easy to maintain and suitable for any finger and gives long and slim fingers a wider feminine hands.

Coffin/Ballerina-shaped Nails

It is a blend of edgy and feminine shapes with extended, straight-edged tips tapered in. For this one, you must have naturally long and sturdy nails or faux or acrylic nails. Also, long nails have fewer limitations when it comes to colour. Choosing a lighter shade or having a negative space offsets the hard lines of a coffin nail.

Almond-shaped Nails

The Almond-shaped nail has a wide base with the sides filing into a sharp peak at the free edge. It looks great on everyone and goes perfectly with short and slim fingers, giving your hands an elongated and slender look also feminine. As it can weaken your natural nails, use gel polish or acrylics for added strength.

The stiletto nail is shaped long with a triangle point. Long nails are a must to capture this style, so it is mostly done with acrylics, but if you have strong nails, you can achieve this look. Stiletto nails give your fingers a long and slender appearance. It is not the most practical because of difficulties in doing work with hand.

Lipstick-shaped Nails

If you need trendy nails, pick this one. The inspiration behind the lipstick-shaped nail is the angle of a fresh tube of lipstick. This unique nail shape goes best with light colours also, French tips or a cartoony manicure. The sharp tips make it difficult to maintain. So the strength of acrylic or gel overlays will be helpful.

Flare-shaped Nails

Also known as the duck bill shape, this nail shape flares upward and out. It has the sharpest and, meanwhile, the strongest edge possible. Don't think of doing it with your natural nails; get acrylics or gels to make them as extreme or lowkey as you want. The most common designs for flare nails are French tips with some bling.

Nail Art and Colour

It's time to pick your favourite nail design with colours. If you want to have one-colour nail art or two, three, or multicolour combinations, you will need help with colouring ideas. A nail artist will consult you for colour match and the best colour you can set with your design and mood. Whether you want the colour of the year, happy or pretty colours, or natural or nude colours for a simple design, our nail designers are ready to give you the best ideas.

What Helps Can I Get From a Nail Designer for a Painting Nail Service?

Different Shades of a Colour
Different Tones of a Colour
Bright and Dark Colours
Cool and Warm Colours
Pale, Matte, and Glossy Colours
Nail Colour Combination
Pastel and Neon Colours
Nude and Neutral Nails
Skin Tone Match
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Trends
Nail Colour for Acrylic and Gel Nails
Nail Polish Colour(s) for Your Nail Shape

Nail Design and Art Trends in Vancouver for 2022

Half Moon Nail Art
Minimalist Nail Art
Hot Pink Summer Nails
Modern French Mani
Gold Chrome Nails Art
Matcha Blended Nails
Glass Nails
Animal Print Nails
Marble Nail Designs
Muted Nail Colours

Cost of Nail Design and Art in Vancouver

The price of nail design and art in Vancouver generally starts at about $20 for a simple design. If you are interested in different beautiful designs for each nail, the cost may be around $60, depending on the complexity of the design. You can ask your nail technician about the exact price before starting the design.

Nail Design and Art Accessories

Nail Design with Rhinestones
Nail Design with Glitters
Nail Design with Fimo
Nail Design with Pearls
Nail Design with Stickers & Decals
Nail Design with Striping Tape Lines
Nail Design with Studs
Nail Design with Wraps
Nail Design with Piercing
Nail Design with Diamonds

Nail Design and Art for Women in Vancouver

Nail art is popular among women all around the world. The majority of women get their nails done on a regular basis, with different colours and patterns each time they go for a manicure or pedicure. The feeling you will get after painting your nails will be identical to the one you would have after achieving a significant goal.
The colours we pick for our nails may represent aspects of our personalities and have an impact on our mood. People frequently choose colours that either complement or aid in changing their mood, especially when it comes to nail patterns.
 As a woman who is into fashion with fantastic nail art, you might feel like you belong when you're hanging out with other fashionistas. This improves your appearance, especially if the nail art colours match your clothes.
 If spending time and effort on your fingertips gives you delight and confidence while also helping you relax after a long busy day, why not set out an evening each week to do that? We offer you the best nail design and art in Vancouver and hope you feel quite happy each time you look down at your nails.

Nail Design and Art for Men in Vancouver

Today more and more men are beginning to explore the health and beauty of their nails. 
Now even beauty companies are leaning into the trend and already catering to men's beauty needs. If a man wants to make a statement, a forceful message, showing people that he thinks beyond the box, he can paint his nails.
There are a variety of nail styles to suit every dress and personality. Beautiful nails will add elegance and beauty to a man's appearance and will make him stand out.
Almost all males who apply nail paint do so with short, trimmed nails across the board. Masculine painted nail styles are also usually the simplest. The cool thing for guys opting to paint their nails is black nail polish.

Men Nail Design & Art Trends in Vancouver for 2022

Animal Print Nail Arts
Logo & Branded Nail Art Designs
Line Art Nails
Half-moon Nail Designs
Gradient Nail Designs
Nail Stickers
Minimalist Nails
Gold Nails
Abstract or Geometric Nails

Nail Design and Art for Kids

Adults aren't the only ones who like a set of newly painted, brightly coloured nails, especially when it comes to a unique design. Many children are also interested in beauty, and nail painting is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore beauty, creativity, and self-expression.
Children love colours and beauty, and the nail fashion craze among children is now on the rise. Having a mani/pedi appointment with your child will improve her capacity to function while also strengthening family bonds. It's quite lovely.
But you may wonder whether a nail design is safe for kids or not. As children's skin and nails are still growing, it makes them more sensitive. So, the proper action is to choose a safe and pollution-free nail product brand which does not contain chemicals. Also, learn about nail polish safety. It's also worth noting that toddlers have a tendency to put their fingers (and toes) in their mouths, and there's not much you can do about it. Lupinus Nails Salon, with safer polishes and excellent ventilation, is a good place to protect your child from toxins and chemical fumes from nail polish.
Now we all know how little girls adore sparkles, bright colours, and glitter. They all want to be princesses and ballerinas. Cartoon characters and adorable animals completely enamour them. And these can definitely be used in nail art! They'll most likely want something colourful and entertaining, a design that allows them to have all of their favourite book and movie characters on their nails.

The Best Vancouver's Nail Design and Art for Kids

Sparkles Nails
Cartoon Nails Arts
Book Themed Nails
Sweet Nail Art
Rainbow Nails
Nail Stickers
Fruit Nail Art Designs
Floral Nail Arts
Footprints Nail Art
Emoji Nails for Kids

Toe Nail Design and Art in Vancouver

Holiday and Special Occasion Nail Designs

Party Nail Designs
Valentine's Day Nails
Food & Wine Festival Nails
Easter Nails
Birthday Nails
Canada Day Nails

Luxury Nail Art and Design

Chrome Nails
Branded Nails
Pearl Nails
Ombre Nails
Jewelled Nails
Gold Foil Nails
Stardust Nails
Silver Cuff Nails
Glitter French Nails
Marble Nails

Nail Designs for Long Nails

Nail Designs for Short Nails

Simple Nail Designs

Colour Block Nail Art
Polka Dot Nails
Spider Nail Art Line
Diagonal Shape Nails
Plastic Wrap Nails
French Nails
Striped Nails
Ruffian Nails
Half Moon Nails

Complex Nail Designs

Graffiti Nails
Beads Nail Art Decoration
3D Flower Nails
Cable Knit Sweater Nails
Calligraphy Nails
Gradient Galaxy Nails
Tribal Nails
Multi-coloured Leopard Print Nails
Festive Luxury Nails
Royal Nails

Acrylic Nail Design and Art

Dip Powder Nail Design and Art

Nail Arts with Gel

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