Luxury Nails in Vancouver

Lupinus Nails is an ideal destination for those who want luxury nail services in Vancouver. To make all the ladies feel special and look attractive, we aim to pamper them with unique manicures, pedicures, and nail designs.
At our luxury nail salon, we take pleasure in providing high levels of professionalism and hygiene while maintaining a quiet, welcoming atmosphere.
The latest nail products and a thousand colours make your luxury desire more reachable. We only use the best and the most popular nail polish available, with a wide range of colours from nail lacquer, shellac/gel polish and dipping powder colours.
Our highly-skilled professional nail technicians are trained in all the latest nail care trends and techniques, and they are updating their skills to provide you with the latest trends and highest quality luxury nails.
We take pride in providing our valued customers with all good services and quality products and materials. We not only nourish your nails at our salon but also help you maintain your beauty with recommended home nail care.
For your wedding day, birthday party, or everyday use, we provide long-lasting, high-quality nails. As an elegant woman of Vancouver, you deserve to have stylish nails.
Manis with diamonds on acrylics, using nail jewellery, and 24-karat flakes of gold are among several materials for luxury nail designs. If you wish, we can plan to close the entire salon for your luxury nail treatment, plus hire a personal jeweller to help you choose the best diamonds for your nail art. Take advantage of our extensive selection of services in a cozy and luxurious environment.
You'll experience truly unique nail art and luxury nail treatments. Here are some of our popular luxury nail services.

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It's easy and convenient to book an appointment for nail services and design and have the best nails you've ever had. It's only a click away.

Types of Luxury Manicures

Paraffin Wax Manicure
Hot Oil Manicure
Spa Manicure
Soak-off Gel Manicure
3D Manicure
Acrylic Manicure

Types of Luxury Pedicures

Paraffin Pedicure
Pedicure with Hot Stones
Fish Pedicure
Spa Pedicure
Ice Cream Pedicure
Chocolate Pedicure
Milk and Honey Pedicure
Wine Pedicure

Why Do People Like Luxury Nails?

  • They will get high-quality nails.
  • They will have a good feeling.
  • They will receive excellent customer service.
  • They will look like celebrities.
  • They will reward themselves.
  • They will get compliments.

The General Features of Luxury Fashion Nails

  • They are done by professional designers.
  • They have aesthetic characteristics.
  • They are personalized and distinct.
  • Quality products and materials are used.
  • Creativity can be seen in these designs.
  • They have high prices.

Price List of Luxury Nails in Vancouver

Services and Cost

Luxury Nail Designs

Luxury nails are more than just a pretty colour or design. They're luxury art that you want to show off. Whether you're looking for a bold design or something more subtle, luxury nails are the way to go. They are a modern take on the classic manicure, have intricate patterns, and are designed to be eye-catching and beautiful. They can have simple patterns but include almost professional techniques and quality products. Luxury nail designs are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance, beauty, and refinement to your hands and nails. They will make you feel like a queen, from glittering gold leaf to intricate floral patterns and even animal-inspired designs.
Luxury nails can be done in any colour, but they are most common in bold hues such as reds, pinks, and purples. Choose your colour wisely—something that matches the occasion or mood you're going for. If it's a special occasion, go for one of the bolder colours; if it's just a day at work, choose a more subtle colour.

The Best Luxury Nail Designs and Ideas

Black and Silver Outline Nails
Chrome Nails
Black And White Nails
Branded Nails
Sparkly French Nails
Colorful Luxury Nails
Festive Luxury Nails
Marble Nails
Gold Flakes Nails
Jeweled Luxury Nails
Luxury Coffin Nails
Ombre Coffin Nails

Luxury Nail Colours

White Tip Nails
Ruby Red Nails
Light Grey Nails
Silver Nails
Beige or Nude Nails
Emerald Green Nails
Blush Nails
Lilac Nails
Burgundy Nails
Chocolate Brown Nails
Navy Blue Nails

Why Choose Lupinus Nails Luxury Nail Services?

We won't use cheap nail products that contain dangerous components to ensure attractive, healthy, long-lasting results! We make an effort to satiate your requirements and wishes!
We provide outstanding customer service from beginning to end! Our customers receive free drinks and small snacks 15 minutes before their appointment.
If you enjoy being pampered but dislike a lot of the noise and bustle, you're in luck. You can relax in our cozy space without feeling obligated to converse with others.
We adore and value you!

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