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Manicure is the inseparable routine for some who care about how healthy and beautiful their nails are and want to keep their fingernails looking their best. Regardless of the gender, nails do not remedy themselves, and you'd better use manicure and pedicure services at least once in a two-month interval. But you know that manicure is not all about the treatment and cuticle care; it also includes trimming your nails. Manicures are also fantastic after removing nail extensions or taking a break from them. Although cutting nails can be done at home, it's better to assign 100% of the job to a professional.
Lupinus Nails is looking forward to providing you with the best manicure in Vancouver. Your satisfaction matters a lot; therefore, we offer high-quality services. Even though Vancouver is the most expensive city in North America, you can get nice nails for cheap. Please stay with us to know more about every professional type of manicure in further detail!

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Types of Manicures in Vancouver

Here are some manicure services to help you choose your favourite nail design and treatment. If you want to know more about the lifespan, how to remove, and damages of different types of manicures, please ask our team.

Basic Manicure

It is the same as the standard manicure. To soothe and soften dead skin cells, a nail technician will first soak your hands in warm soapy water. The nail technician will then file and buff your nails, clean your cuticles, and massage your hands with hand cream. A base coat, colour, topcoat, and cuticle oil are then applied. Basic manicure prices can be different according to your expectations.

An acrylic overlay is a protective covering created over your natural nail. It gives your nail an additional thickness to make it stronger. Acrylic manicures follow the same steps as gel manicures; the only difference is using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to build over the natural nail. Following the previous procedures, nails will be polished or cured with LED or UV light if the client wants a gel manicure on top.

French Manicure

A French manicure is applied by performing a standard manicure and adding a translucent pink or beige tone to each nail, as well as a white lacquer tip. French manicures are distinguished by their painting - or French polish - step. Unlike most traditional manicures, which have each nail polished (varnished) in a single preferred colour, a French manicure has each nail's tip precisely painted pure white. If done and removed by a trained technician, it should not harm the nail's health.

American Manicure

This basic manicure design uses a flesh- or cream-coloured base and a nude or off-white tip to replicate your natural nails. It is the same as the standard manicure. To soothe and soften dead skin cells, the nail technician will first soak your hands in warm soapy water. The nail technician will then file and buff your nails, clean your cuticles, and massage your hands with hand cream. A base coat, colour, topcoat, and cuticle oil are then applied.

Shellac Manicure

Regular nail paint takes a long time to dry, and gel may cause damage if removed incorrectly—a shellac manicure is a perfect compromise. Shellac is, in fact, a brand name for the product, not a type of manicure. Creative Nail Design (CND) has developed a patent-pending nail product. Shellac manicure treatment is a hybrid, which means it's half nail polish and half gel, and it can be applied to your natural nails just like nail polish.

Paraffin Manicure

Combine your nail treatment with a paraffin manicure to hydrate your skin. The wax's heat opens pores and improves blood circulation in the hands. Sore muscles and joints might also benefit from paraffin therapy. You must first melt the wax before dipping your hands in it and waiting. The wax is then peeled off, and the hands are massaged with a lotion or cream. You can literary feel your hands revive.

Reverse French Manicure

The half-moon on the lower part of your nail is highlighted in a reverse French manicure, which is a twist on the classic French manicure. A reverse French manicure is obtained by implementing a basic manicure, a colour of preference, and highlighting the half-moon of the nail. If the nail technician applies the gel, it can last up to three weeks, and if you do it in polish, it can last up to seven days.

Hot Stone

It is a therapeutic manicure treatment that includes using a hot stone in addition to warm stones, nourishing oils, and therapeutic massage. A hot stone manicure is a hand care procedure that includes warm stones, exfoliation, nourishing oils, and a therapeutic massage before applying gel or polish. It is a treatment for the hands that promotes relief and healing.

A dip powder manicure is a good compromise between a conventional and a false acrylic nail. Instead of employing UV rays to lock in your polish, a coloured powder is used. The nail is first painted with a base coat, then dipped in powder, and then coated with a topcoat. The duration of a dip powder manicure is around three weeks.

Gel Manicure

A gel manicure is a service that employs a gel-based lacquer and a UV or LED light to cure the polish and lock it onto your nails. Gel polish lasts longer than regular polish. Gel stays chip-free for weeks, while regular polish might chip in two to three days. Gel manicures appear to be the same as traditional manicures, but they have extra benefits of lasting longer and feeling more durable.

Ombre Nails

In ombre nails, two colours smoothly graduate into each other, and a colour gradient is created. After choosing your favourite colours, a manicurist applies light colour on the top, which blends into a darker colour. Ombre nails are perfect options with different textures like glitter and chrome. The nail technician may use gel, gel polish, traditional lacquer, or dip acrylics for this type of mani.

Benefits of Manicures

A manicure is part of personal care routine that involves cleansing, exfoliating, and massaging the hands with lotions. There are many benefits of getting a manicure on a regular basis:

- Manicures are a great way to refresh your look, feel confident, and maintain your nails. Whether you want to show off your favourite colours or get a design that perfectly matches your outfit, you can do it all with a manicure.
- They can help you keep your nails neat, an essential part of looking professional in the workplace.
- Manicures allow you to avoid some of the most common nail problems, such as hangnails and ragged cuticles, by keeping your skin clean and moisturized.
- They help keep your nails healthy by preventing fungal infections and bacterial infections.
- Manicures help keep your cuticles healthy and strong.
- They help to reduce the signs of aging.

Manicure Designs

Manicures are most often used to make the nails look neat and clean, but they may also be used to highlight or draw attention to the fingers and hands. When you have manicure designs, it allows you to have beautiful nails that are healthy and strong while also making them look good at all times! They can be worn by everyone, regardless of age. These designs are all about creating a look that complements your personal style and the occasion you're dressing for. Whether it's a regular mani or one for an upcoming event, there are many ways to spruce up your nails.
If you plan to paint your nails, you can choose from an almost limitless number of colours and finishes. There are also many popular design styles for your nails, including dots, stripes, French manicures, glitter nails, ombre nails, half-moon nails, and other unique patterns. To have a stunning manicure, you can try several shapes, including squares, ovals, circles, triangles, and more. Placing embellishments on top of the nails is another option to decorate them.

Looking for the Best Salon for Manicure in Downtown Vancouver?

Infuse this season's trendiest nail art and designs in Vancouver, whether you're seeking the best nails for an occasion like a wedding or a casual nail design, or you are looking for luxury nails elaborate with a unique design or prefer simplicity. Book online for different types of manicure services.

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The Best Manicurists and Nail Technicians in Vancouver

You may have heard the saying "always refer to the professional." In today's world, nail services have become more and more popular among people, particularly women. Nobody likes their nails to look ugly; thus, the first step toward beautiful nails is finding a professional manicurist and a crafty nail technician. Lupinus Nails is a community of expert manicurists trying to promote our job by providing professional nail services and the coolest nail ideas. In addition, proficiency shouldn't be dependent on the workplace. Our experienced mobile manicurists and nail technicians with in-home nail care services are also the best in their job. To make a long story short, if you are looking for licensed manicurists who have expertise in this field, come and visit us.

Steps to a Perfect Manicure in Vancouver

1. Washing and drying hands with a towel and removing all nail polish from the nail plate.
2. Shaping the natural nail.
3. Cuticle care techniques.
4. Smoothing the natural nail surface, using a nail file or a nail buffer to polish the entire surface of the nail.
5. Nail treatment using oil and buff.
6. Exfoliating
7. Final manicure clean and polish

Luxury Additions to the Manicure Treatment in Vancouver

You may add luxury enhancements to your standard manicure services for an extra fee. These additions promote skin and nail health as well as relaxation and stress relief. Paraffin wax, a natural moisturizer that leaves the skin smooth and supple, is one of them. Heated mitts are another method for treatment that increases the penetration of nourishing skin masks, resulting in softer, smoother skin and nails. Another choice that may give you a better experience is a massage.

The 10 Biggest Manicure Trends to Expect in Vancouver for 2022

Shades of Blue for 2022

Green was the colour of the year in 2021, from chartreuse to Bottega green, but don't be shocked if you start seeing more and more blue tints on manicures all over the planet. This deep ocean blue nail polish is ideal for winter nail designs of 2022, but lighter, brighter shades will be available in the spring and summer nail designs.

Strips of Sparkle Nail Polish for 2022

This style is for people who believe a manicure isn't complete without a design. To make your manicure feel more current while yet being true to your taste, combine your love of glitter with stylish graphic lines. Start with a thin line of black nail paint and then trace over it with glitter nail polish to complete the look.

Metallic Manicures for 2022

These days, silver and gold are used for more than simply finger jewelry and rings. You've probably seen a lot of manicures with metal details as well. These cool shiny metallic manicures have a trend right now, and they might be as basic as a silver stripe down your cuticle or as big as chain decorations.

Shiny Finishes for 2022

If you ask what will be the most popular nail colour in 2022, the quick answer is "anything that glistens." Adding a dash of glitz to your nails will be huge next year. Metallic elements give your nails a chrome-like appearance, and will also be trendy. Flash gel is a form of glitter available in a variety of colours.

Luxe Press-on Nails for 2022

Press-on nails are not much of a new concept, but as more people find how easy and quick it is to produce any nail shape, length, or pattern (and you can change it up whenever you want), they're only going to become more popular. Following its upcoming popularity, it can be a good choice for 2022 and can last up to two weeks.

Modern Nail Stickers for 2022

Make 2022 the year you finally discover the wonders of manicure stickers. You can choose to use a tiny nail sticker to give an ornate pattern to an accent nail or use a gel polish wrap to cover your entire fingernail. And, like this swoop manicure, you can discover ways produced by nail technicians.

The Perfect Pink Nails for 2022

If TikTok is any indicator, everyone is looking for the ideal pastel pink nail polish right now, which means everyone will be wearing it by the year 2022. Also, it was a prominent hue on the spring/summer runways in 2022. This nude nail theme is your colour if you haven't found the correct shade for your skin tone.

Abstract Swirl Nail Designs for 2022

Swirls still run in 2022—they're only getting started! Back in 2014, we all tried marble nails using a water cup and nail polish drips, right? Try it on the tips of your nails, all over your nails, or alter it up with seasonal shades—the possibilities for wearing and personalizing the look are unlimited.

French Manicures for 2022

French manicures, in a nutshell, make French manicures of all kinds a go-to for 2022, whether you make them hefty, super-thin, classic, abstract, or whatever in between. French tips of various forms, thicknesses, and colours, as well as other trends on this list, will be everywhere by 2022; just wait.

Mismatched Mani Designs for 2022

Is there a hot trend right now that will be just as popular in 2022? Mismatched nails, with each nail having a distinct colour, design, or pattern. The look never gets old because of the countless variations and combinations, which is why you'll see this flexible design for many seasons to come.

Short Nails vs. Long Nails Manicures in Vancouver

Simple manicure is one of the ways to keep your nails healthy, no matter the size. Your fingers need to be relaxed and lightened at least once a month, whether long or short. The best type of manicure for short nails might be the basic manicure since the only objective is to make your fingers look and be healthier, and there's no concern regarding the nail being broken. A final polish of choice can add to the beauty of the manicure's outcome.
With regard to long nails, the proper choice is gel manicure since, in addition to finger care, you might need to worry about the fragility of the nails too. Thus, after the basic one is done, the manicurist shall apply the gel on your nails for primarily two reasons; first, your natural nail won't break during the interval between two manicure appointments. Second, your nails will look fascinating.

All Men Can Get Manicure in Vancouver

Manicure is not a gender-based matter. Nail health doesn't know the gender, and everybody, masculine, feminine, neuter, and common, should care about their fingers and nails. It is categorized as a beauty service, though the fundamental concern of this treatment is about healthy nails and fingers. In a nutshell, adults and children can make a manicure appointment in Vancouver. Everybody is welcome here at Lupinus Nails and we have even different packages for kids. Our professional manicurists are waiting to help you have healthy, smooth, and beautiful nails.

How to Prepare Nails before a Manicure

We do all general preparation for manicure procedures at Lupinus Nails Salon. Using an emery board, we shape your nails into the ideal form. To soften your cuticles, we use a cuticle remover and apply a drop of cuticle remover to each nail's contour. According to Medical News Today, aggressive manicure techniques may allow bacteria to enter the nail bed and weaken the nails. So we assure you to consider all precautions to control any risk. After using the cuticle remover, we press your cuticles back with the rounded end of a steel cuticle pusher. To get inside the sides, we utilize the square end. After removing surpluses with a cotton pad, we gently smooth the nail's surface with a nail primer emery board to eliminate any remaining imperfections.

Taking Care of Nails after a Manicure

Here are a few steps you should take after a manicure treatment: First of all, avoid intense hydration. Moisturize, moisturize and for a hundred times, moisturize after a manicure. Please keep in mind to take breaks to let your nails grow back. After some time past your previous manicure appointment, remove the extensions and polish them properly if any kind of gel designs are applied. After that, keep an eye on your nails for any nail lifting. And finally, use cuticle oil as a part of your manicure aftercare routine.

Emmie Kendall

There are no signs of damaging colour removal! Thank you Lupinus Nails.

Laura Bloom

Thanks to your LED lights, the nail drying time is reduced. Well done!

Mia Reilly

I had so many problems with my weak nails at the gym but the fabulous gel you applied made an additional strength and now my short nails look great.

Isabella Fitzgibbons

Nourishing my hands, nails and cuticle treatment besides therapeutic massage and other pieces of stuff you did all made my hands glowing with vitality.

Manicure Services Common Questions

It is pretty safe to some extent. However, overexposure to dangerous rays could bring out some skin problems. Also, partially sanitized tools could cause Fungous and bacterial defections.
It starts from 10$.
It has always been a good choice for people to have a French manicure every year, but today some designers and nail technicians created their own creative designs painted on French manicures as well.
Whether it comes with added designs or not, the double French manicure is done when two French manicure lines are painted on top and across the tips of your nails.
If your manicure comes with a gel-based polish and exposure to LED light to preserve the polish you have had a gel manicure.
Usually, an acrylic manicure will last durably compare to gel-based manicures.
Both acrylic and gel nails are artificial nail extensions that come in place of natural nails. Gel nails bring more a natural look, while acrylic is harder and more durable.
While gel manicures last longer and have a glossy look, the shellac is much gentler to add up and to be removed. Also, shellac is a good choice if you want a manicure that lasts longer than a basic polish.
Technically standard nail salons have some services for nails that are broken and damaged. The broken nail could easily be restored to a very healthy condition through the many efforts and strategies that professional nail technicians employ to fix the damage.
Depending on the type of manicure and services you get. It can vary from 20 to 45 minutes.
Yes, it is all safe and sound to get manicures and pedicures during pregnancy. In spite of the chemical ingredients used in many salons and spas, this will not endanger the health of mother and infant on any basis.
Any type of manicuring and pedicuring you wish to receive is safe and sound.
This is one of the most common situations in nail salons. While officially a nail technician cannot fix this issue. A nailing job will help by preventing ingrown nails.
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